Hand Sanitizing Products

We have not fully re-opened our site but we are offering a special set of products specific to current health concerns and the needs of our community. 

With our store on pause, we have decided to use our existing resources to offer hand sanitizers/soaps to those who need it and can't get it.

We are making small batch, grain alcohol, hand sanitizer using the World Health Organization's approved formula (final product tests +70% alc). 

We currently have the hand sanitizer available in two sizes: 

1 60ml bottle with flip top  $3.50/each

1 50ml bottle with sprayer and 50ml refill bottle $7.00/set

We are currently using existing inventory to fill orders and are working with our vendors to secure additional supplies. As with most industries at this time, many resources are limited or delayed. We will adapt packaging/pricing based on availability. Per order limits may apply.

These products are not part of our traditional collection and are not yet loaded to the site. At this time, please forward all orders or questions via email.

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